How to Report a Pogo Player for Abuse, Harassment, and Cheating

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How to Report a Pogo Player for Abuse, Harassment, and Cheating

Cheating, abuse, and harassment are against EA’s guidelines. When you create an EA account, you agree to follow their rules. However, some players don’t play by the rules. There are different ways to report abuse, inappropriate content or problem players. Abusive content or behavior is defined as any threatening, hateful, harmful, intimidating, obscene, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, or degrading act that breaks the rules in EA’s User Agreement.

How to Report Abuse or Cheating

Some games allow you to report cheating or abusive content and players in the service or game. It’s the best way to report your concerns as it automatically provides some of the information that EA needs to investigate.

Report Abuse

You can report a player in the chat or the Who’s Here tab.

  1. Choose Report Abuse from the pull-down icon.
  2. Pick the kind of abuse and describe the problem.
  3. Some games require you to add the name of the player manually. A Report Abuse window will pop up. Click Add Players and choose the name of the player. Click Done.
  4. If the player that you want to report has left the chat room, his or her name will not appear in Add Players. When this happens, choose Not a Player.
  5. You only need to click Send Report, and that’s it.

Players that are reported are automatically muted, so you don’t see their comment in chat. If you don’t want them to contact you at all, you can block them. You can also report abuse or cheating in the Guestbook.

  1. Go to the Pogo homepage and find Quick Links box.
  2. Click Guestbook. Visit the offensive post and then click Options.
  3. Choose Report Abuse.
  4. Pick the kind of abuse and provide a brief description of the problem.
  5. Click Send Report.

If you want to block a player, go to the Pogo menu and click Friends. Choose Blocked Player List. Input the screen name of the player and add them to your Add to My Blocked List. In case you reported the abuse in the Guestbook, you can block the player by choosing Options > Block.

If the behavior of the player doesn’t qualify as harassment or abuse, but you don’t want to see their comment, you can mute them. Choose the player in the chat or the Who’s Here tab. Select Mute from the pull-down icon.

The player you’re reporting should violate the Trainer Guidelines or Terms of Service. You should also have valid proof to support your cases such as screenshots from different trainers, reports of other users, and evidence of continuous cheating.

If your game is not listed, you can submit a report by clicking Contact US on Pogo Support. Log in to your EA account and then choose your product and platform. Choose Report Concerns or Harassment for Topic. Select your problem and describe it. Give as much information as possible. Click Submit. Include the username of the cheating or abusive player and why the content is inappropriate or abusive. You should also state when you noticed the cheating or abuse content as well as when and where it was posted.

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