How To Resolve PopUp Related Issues and Problems in Pogo Games

In today’s era, we all are well known about the online gaming websites and it getting increased on regular basis. There are many of website which provides you online gaming but is the only website which gives you hundred of casual games of different categories such as card games, adventure, arcade, puzzle, words games, education, hidden objects, casino games and much more. But when the has been owned by Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) these games has been divided into three different categories which are Free Games, Club Pogo Games, and Downloadable Games. As per the experts, Pogo Games are also helpful to increase the concentration power, Mind and hand Co-ordination and it decreases the stress and sadness feeling from user’s mind.

After the new update in Pogo game the interface of is new for such users, so it is obvious that they facing couple of issue at any point. As per survey reports by EA, there are few Pogo customers who reported about the Pop-up Issue in Pogo Games. Now the Point is we have two main problems related to Pop-up issue in Pogo games:-

  • How to Disable Unnecessary Pop-Ups in Pogo Games
  • And, How to Disable Pop-up Blocker for Pogo Games

Now, firstly we discuss about how to disable Unnecessary Pop-up in Pogo Games. Sometimes when we play Pogo games, there are few unnecessary Pop-ups appears on the game screen through which you might having trouble while playing Pogo Games. To disable these Pop-ups you may install Pop-up blocker app in your PC or device on which you going to play Pogo games but it permanent blocks your Pop-ups. Or you may also block these Pop-ups by going through in setting option in your Pogo account.

Pogo Popup Issue

Another issue is how to disable Pop-up Blocker in Pogo Games. Now you’re thinking about that few seconds ago we told you to install Pop-up blocker in your PC and now we told you to disable it but there was a reason behind this. In, Games and features use Pop-up windows, so in case you already installed Pop-up blocker in it then you may set it or allow it to some specific websites like to open Pop-up when they need to. And if didn’t understand then you contact to Pogo Customer Support and Help team, they will gives you proper solution regarding this. Here’re some common issues which appears due to Pop-up Blocker:

  • Game Windows Never Appears
  • Table Never Appears, and
  • Can’t be able to View Player Profile

These are some common issues which appears due to the use of Pop-up Blocker but now to worry about it, we also having the solution for it.

It is a temporarily solution to disable the Pop-up blocker by holding down the CONTROL (Ctrl), ALT, or SHIFT button when you click on any link to open it.  Like when you click on Play Now button just hold down the Ctrl, ALT or Shift button to open the new Window.

If in case, holding down these keys doesn’t work then it may be possible that there may be different Pop-up blocker program out there. And the procedure to disable each one is different. Here we’ve such couple of points which are general instructions to show you where to start looking for your Pop-up blocker program. We took Internet Explorer and Windows XP as an example in these instructions but many browsers are same.

To get your Pop-up blocker Visible, you may check your Internet Browser’s toolbar.

  • At the top of your browser, you may see View menu click on it, then Toolbars and then you have an option for Standard buttons and Address Bar.
  • If there are different toolbars recorded that are checked, try to disable them by un-checking them and run the pop-up blocker test once more.

Try to check your Notification Area near the system clock.

  • There are many of popular internet security programs which include pop-up blocker in it. Such security program having a little icon in the right hand side corner of your system screen near the clock. Just double click on it for getting any instructions related to Pop-up blocker.
  • Every security program is very different to each other, so you have to check your documentation for the instructions about how to disable these pop-up blockers or you can also check for instruction on your Security program website

NOTE: – Pogo users must know about that the specific disabling of the pop-up blocker will not be work on You have to completely disable the Pop-up Blocker to run the correctly.

These are few couple of points you need to go through in case you have Pop-up related issues in Pogo Games. In conclusion, we told you to get the Club Pogo Membership and it provides you with immediate access of tons of games of different categories. If you like this idea of playing online games and having fun then just resolve the issue of Pop-up in Pogo games by contact to Pogo Support team experts.  Just contact to experts, I’m sure you will not to be disappointed with them. The result will be good in the end.

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