Using Pogo Construction Zone For Latest Update Of Games

Pogo is an online gaming platform that offers maximum fun and entertainment to its players. When it comes to getting fun by participating in online game, pogo has edge over its competitors due to its sophisticated technology, and in order to be a cut above the rest, pogo management keeps innovating and adding new technology to it, therefore, pogo players will not feel bored.  Pogo construction zone is one of the cutting- edge features used by pogo team.  In order to get familiar with the ins and outs of Pogo construction zone, either you use Pogo Customer Service Phone Number or go through this blog.   

What Is Pogo Construction Zone?

If you are a pogo player and want to be updated with the latest development in pogo games, you must be aware of the pogo construction zone that can keep its players aware of all recent developments. Update in terms of pogo games is routine work, of which its players must be well informed.  

Of two of the sources, an announcement with regard to updation of the game can be made by either EA or Pogo. We cannot take it as true information unless it is displayed in the pogo construction zone, and you will get the message with “go ahead”, it means you are all set to get a new update soon. If something else is reported that may be speculation.

Future Games Will Be Associated With Pogo Games

•  Upcoming games including Pogo Mini-Golf and Dice City Roller HD will be in the list of the pogo games.  


• The age of the Octavius constellation is going to be started today and will run through November 6.

• The summer vacation challenge quest runs through September 22

• Yesterday, the vintage produce sign badge collection was rolled out.

Game Updates

• Sweet Tooth Town has been updated with its new tier 4 to the cream shop on 8/9. 

Snowbird solitaire:  around 25 new levels are going to be added to this game by the 25 September of this year.   

Jewel Academy: along with this game new levels and badges will be arrived by 22 September, inclusion is given below. 

1. Levels: 521-540

2. New badges: 25  

Peggle Blast:  it has been rolled out today and will continue through 21 September.

Jet Set Solitaire: it will start from 22 September to October

 • Story Quest: is going to be available from early September and its episode number will be 165. 

Information About Websites Updates

If you want to add challenges without ever skipping your game, in just a few clicks, you will be able to browse, shop for and activate any available Mix-n-Match & personal challenges for the game which you are playing.  You do not need to jump out and stop the action, now you can either click or tap B badge icon in the menu on the right side of the game after that you can click “add more challenge”.

The pogo construction zone can be an ideal place to get information about the pogo games, as we know that pogo is a big online platform that keeps updating itself.

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