Resolved: Pogo Account is Banned Due to Violation of EA Guidelines

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Resolved: Pogo Account is Banned Due to Violation of EA Guidelines

Pogo provides one of the best online gaming experiences but there are times when you might face issues with Pogo Games. In a worst case scenario your Club Pogo account might be banned by the administrators for several reasons. If you believe the ban on your Pogo account was a mistake, you should contact EA and tell them about it. Here’s how you can do it.

Pogo Account Banned
  1. Go to EA Help and click Contact Us. Choose the game that your Pogo account was suspended or banned from. If it’s on your EA account, pick Origin.
  2. Select your platform. Choose Manage My Account and then click Suspended or Banned account.
  3. Provide the necessary details to Pogo Support agent. For instance, if you selected Origin, you might be asked if you’re accessing it via an Origin Access membership. Choose Select contact option. Log in to your suspended or banned the account.
  4. If you can’t log in, ask for assistance from an Advisor.
  5. You will see the email web form. Fill out the form to state your case. Provide as much information as you can. The subject line should state your reason, the product or game where you got the suspension or ban and your username. Your subject line would look like this – Banned Account – Answers HQ – MyName000.
  6. Describe your concern in the text box under the subject line. You have to state your user name, the detailed information about your case including any notification, or error message that you received an email address used for your suspended or banned the account. Your username is your EA ID. You Answer HQ username and EA ID are the same. However, your username for a forum that is dedicated to a specific game can be different. Provide your username and the forum as well as the language it is in.
  7. You have to state what is happening and why Pogo Tech Support should look over action that they took on your account once more. If you are playing on mobile games, your email address may not be connected to that game. Email to EA using your email address that is linked to your EA Account. This way, you will get more information about the action that was taken on your game account.

Each form is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Emails about suspensions and bans are sent from, so look for emails from this address. The team that handles suspended and banned accounts only works through email not by Pogo Phone Number. By submitting the form, your concern will be with this team.

If you didn’t get any email, you should check your social, spam or junk folders. See if there’s a reply from Add this email address to your list of safe senders. What if the team cannot unban your account? Some games follow their dispute procedure, so you should use the link for the game you’re playing if it’s on the list.

If you cannot get online on any of your non-EA or EA game, it is possible that Xbox or PlayStation block you. Check with Xbox support or PlayStation support team for help. What if you don’t know which account was banned or suspended? The suspension or ban might affect one of your accounts or your whole EA account.

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