Rolling Out Pogi Constellation For Pogo Players Recently

Pogo games is an online platform that allows its players to play online games and it keeps updating its technology to attract new online players. Recently, pogo has launched pogi constellation for its players which depends on its performance, and it is ranked by numbers. To figure out pogi constellation, all the information is provided below.

What Are Pogis?

In order to make its game more sophisticated and attractive, pogo initiated pogis for its players. It is a reward system that is measured in points and earned in badges, gems, power-ups, and avatars by its players. By way of winning gems, its players can move from bronze to silver and from silver to gold.

What Is Pogi Constellation?

Club pogo players have to complete their targets within specified time like daily, weekly, and premium challenges. The more pogi you will earn, the more star will be added to your constellation. A bevy of pogis can build up a constellation that has tiers system to follow. As you reach one milestone, you will find another on your constellation. Gradually, you will be able to unlock bonus prizes including badges, gems, power-ups, avatars, and so on. Reaching several milestones will guide you to have more stars on your constellation.

Reaching from one level to another level depends on the bonus and prizes you earned. The better performance will be given its players, the higher rank will be given to the constellation including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each rank has 15 tiers to climb for its players. As you reach one tier, you will be able to unlock exceptional rewards for every tier. The progress of its players is measured in earning pogis.

How To Count The Pogis?

To check the performance of the players regarding the number of the pogis or reward, players can track their performance either on the constellation page or pogi count which is situated beside your Pogo gems total. If you want to access the page, you can open “challenge” which is situated in the menu navigation, and then select the “Pogi Constellation”.

As per the law of the pogo games is concerned, a new constellation comes into force after 60 days, as the time gets over. The new constellation will be ready with new rewards for its players to win, and pogis count will be organized. The whole year, new constellations are launched by pogo games; it offers more opportunity to its player to earn more pogis and rewarded to unfasten.  

What Is The Gemini Twins Constellation?

It is a part of the 8th pogi constellation which is available in three forms like bronze, silver, and gold, and it comes with 18 tiers reward to unlock. The pogi count has been reorganized so, everyone has to make a fresh start to complete the Gemini twins constellation. It has the same period to achieve target like earlier constellation one daily, weekly, and premium. To access the various milestones on the Gemini twins constellation, its players have to secure rewards like gems, power-ups, bonus badges.

You Can Check Your Rewards Of The Gemini Twins Constellation

The current pogi count can be seen on the new pogo site which is situated next to your gem total. Thus, you can access the constellation page.  

Here is a list of pogis points which are given below:

14,600 Pogis will be needed for Bronze 50 Gems

 34,200 Pogis will be needed for Silver 50 Gems

 54,800 Pogis will be needed for Gold 50 Gems 

Good luck

Pogi constellation has been rolled out by pogo games for its players so that they can earn rewards and points. The good thing about constellation is this it is launched many times in a year and it gives equal opportunity to the players.  Here I have tried to comprise all the information about it although having any query then go on Pogo Support and get instant solution.  

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