Complete Overview of Brand-New “New Pogo Experience”

Pogo games has carved its place in the arena of online games.  The reason for being so popular is its interface and its functionality. The online platform is holding a number of websites that are loaded with a wide range of games. Pogo is one of the leading online platforms for online gamers due to its innovative approach. It has launched a new pogo experience that will replace pogo classic. This blog is dedicated to providing complete information about the new pogo experience so that it will help its users to play pogo games on it easily. 

Updated Information About The New Pogo Experience

In order to improve the game quality, the pogo classic has been unveiled, so to receive the queries are bound to have happened like navigation, game quality, and performance. Pogo classic is available on the new website thus you will find its features and updates on it as well. 

On Which Device Is Pogo Classic Available

Pogo classic is available on any sort of device and web browser like laptop, tablets, smartphones, and computers and so on. But it is only possible if all these devices are connected to the internet. 

Why Do We Need To Have A New Pogo Experience

While being a part of a cutting-edge era, maintaining satisfaction of customers is not a piece of cake, therefore, it becomes a necessity to keep improving. The evolution in technology is inevitable like flash games have been disappeared from the online gaming platform and all the possible efforts have been executed to take the online gaming experience to the next level. In order to provide a good new gaming experience, all sorts of games are equipped with all HTML 5 powered and java games have lost its compatibility with it, it means the java games is going to be a part of the outgoing list of online games across the web.    

How Can I Access My Favorites Games

On the new website, you will find a pink heart symbol on the top right page of the game page. As you click on this symbol, there will be the top ten games that you like, later on, click “see more favorites” to see the complete list. All the exclusive games are available on this new pogo experience. 

How To Switch From Pogo Games To Pogo Classic To Get A New Pogo Experience

• Access to the pogo home page, you will find avatar to click on the top right corner of the pogo home page.

• Later on, select “back to pogo classic” 

Will I Use My Badge Collection On Pogo Classic

Yes, your badge collection will be available on the pogo classic. Moreover, the new badge collection will be ready for the shopping experience for the new website.

Where Do I Find Badge Central

The other name of badge central is challenge central, take the cursor on the top of the page of the menu, this page has an icon of challenges you click on it.  In order to be familiar with browsing challenges and filtering, you are supposed to scroll down till the bottom of the page and there is “replay the tour “to click on for a refresher. 

Can I Earn A Token In The Pogo Classic

Yes, you can earn a pogo token in pogo classic for daily and weekly challenges, but remember that these tokens cannot be used with the pogo experience.  Pogis from challenges is special points which can be used to unlock bonus reward like power-ups, badges, and avatars.

Place Where You Can View Your Earned Token Count

• At first, Access the pogo home page, and then take a cursor on the top right corner of the home page which has an avatar to click on it.

• The next step is this you choose “My profile”

• Tokens are available in the library section. 

Check The Token For Pogo Classic

• Visit the home page of pogo classic, you will find your profile to click on it. 

• In the profile section, you can check our earned tokens. 

By spending my gems to purchase power-ups, can I find it on my devices like PC, tablets, smartphones, and many more.

Off course, it is, by way of spending your gems whatever you buy like game episodes, challenges and power-ups will be available on both pogo classic and pogo experience, anywhere you can access your devices.

In this post, the pogo players will find all sorts of essential information that can help them to understand both pogo classic and new pogo experience. However if pogo players find it hard to understand, they can ask for Pogo Support from customer care.

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