How to Find Missing Pogo Games in Your Origin Library

Pogo games are an online platform that has created a place across the globe regardless of age. It has full of entertainment or fun while being at home or on-the-go, and helps us develop our mind. In this era, pogo game is played in all the corners of the world on devices like computer, laptop, tablets, and mobiles easily.  However, the players of this game encounter so many technical issues, in this post; find missing pogo games in your origin library is one of the issues, which is going to be covered. This post will help you to find your games in your origin library.

If you cannot find your Missing pogo games, you must follow some of these steps. First and foremost, you check if they are hidden or if your purchase is still on.

To Purchase Game through Origin:

It offers two modes of purchasing games like a full game or an expansion pack.

  • Only, you can find your full games in your origin library. 
  • On the other hand, downloadable content (DLC), origin access subscription information, and expansion packs can found somewhere else.

To Find your DLC and your Expansion Packs:

  • The first thing that you are asked to do is to open the origin client.
  •  And then, go to click on “my game library”.
  • The next step is to click on the game that you bought DLC or the expansion for.
  • It will ask you to click on the tap for Game packs, expansion packs, or extra content.   
  • In order to look for extra content for your pogo game, you will require one or more than two tabs but it depends on your game.

To Get Information About your Origin Access Subscription:

  1. In order to log in, go to
  2. At the corner of the bottom, you click on your Avatar to bring up the menu tab.
  3. The same thing can be done from the origin client.
  4. Now, you must click on EA Account and Billing, and thereafter,   you can open this in a new window with EA account settings of pogo. 
  5. It will ask you to click on the origin access tab: 
  6. It is only possible to see this tab if you at present have or you had an origin access membership.  

Find your Missing pogo Games If you Made Payment.

Despite making complete payment of your game, and the game is not available to the origin client, it means your order might be processing.

Move to and Log in.

  • At the corner of the bottom, you click on your Avatar to bring up the menu tab.
  • The same thing can be done from the origin client.
  • It will ask you to Click on EA Account and billing, and thereafter order history.

Now, you must see the order status over there.

  • As soon as the processes of buying games are completed, you will get your game. 
  • If your game is not displaying, it means you might have bought your game from another account. Now, with the help another email address, you can log in to origin and check if you can your missing game over there.

As your payment is done, you can find your full game in your game library.

If you Made your Complete Payment, you are Unable to See your Game Why?

  • You will be advised to click on the origin menu in the origin client, and thereafter go to select reload the page.
  • If this process gets failed, you must log out of origin and log back in again. By this process, you can refresh your game library in the origin client.  After that, you can go to uninstalling and reinstalling the origin.

You made all possible efforts, but you are unable to find missing pogo games.

First and foremost, make sure that you have logged into the origin client, not from the website.

Despite making all these efforts, you are unable to find your missing pogo games in the menu library it means neither you neither logged into the origin client nor visiting the origin store online.

As a last resort, you can clear your cache

After checking for hidden games, you are unable to find the missing pogo game that you are looking for, you must try to clear your origin data cache.

The above-given information is enough to guide you find your missing pogo games in the library. If you are unable to find your game, you can coordinate with the technicians at Pogo Support Number who can provide you technical support remotely round the clock.

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