A Thorough Guide To Get In Touch With Pogo Games For Assistance

More often than not, you are bound to encounter systemic glitches either while browsing through Pogo or simply while playing a game of solitaire on www.pogo.com. However, instead of deciding to leave your online game mid-way, why not bother to contact the help desk at Pogo to notify them of any error. This will ensure that you are improving the gaming experience for not just yourself, rather the entire Pogo community!

If you are not sure on how to contact help desk and register a complaint, then you have come to the right place. This guide lists all the different ways in which you can reach out to the Pogo Support team and cue them of any hitches that may be bothering you.

Where to Seek Help From?

EA Help Desk:
Where Pogo games are concerned, its better to contact EA i.e. Electronic Arts, a company that owns Pogo.com. Simply search for help.ea.com, and hit the space bar. You will be directed to a webpage that shows multiple FAQ styled questions regarding certain topics. Some of these answers provide detailed advice on questions like:

‘How to retrieve Pogo username or password’

‘How to cancel Pogo subscription’ or even comprehensive guides on how to get Pogo games on either iOS or even an android phone.

If any of the problems sounds similar to yours, then click through to find out its solution on Pogo Customer Service. Or if you cannot find your problem at a first glance, try running a filtered search by typing in a certain ‘keyword’ in the search box. If the keyword is relevant to any already existing question, it will show up in the search results.

Pogo Assistance Help Desk

Contact EA:
Still did not find a solution to your game problem? How about contacting EA. Go to ea.com and opt for their ‘Contact Us’ page. List your problem in detail and shoot them an e-mail. You will receive a response within a few days.

Help Desk:
Another option would be to approach help desk, hosted by Pogo itself. The help desk provides Pogo Tech Support to its users in numerous way, so that users might be able to get their problems solved through any one of the several options mentioned.

Go to news.pogo.com/faqs and discover different ways to contact Pogo and support representatives. You will find expert advice, frequently asked questions, and even Pogo advice forum to communicate with support representatives from Pogo.

You can approach support agents in the following ways:

Pogo Forum:
Like any other website forum, Pogo forum constitute of thousands of members of Pogo community. You can post your queries and get help from fellow game players or even share your opinions with others.

Contact Us:
Pogo’s ‘Contact Us’ webpage promises to reach out to you and answer your queries through either a live chat session or even a phone call. Pogo Customer Support expert will make sure that your reservations are dealt with effectively.

Pogo Answers:
If you are more interested in getting help from both Pogo representatives and even your fellow Pogo players, then head to Answers Head Quarters. Here you will be able to browse through answered queries and their solutions that have been tried and tested to obtain perfect results.

Self Help Desk:
Another great option would be to go through several commonly asked questions that have been answered with precise details and workable solutions. It might be really helpful if you could find detailed answers to your existing queries.

Choose any of the given options to get your online gaming problems solved and enjoy hassle free gaming sessions at Pogo!

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