How to Fix Pogo Games Not Loading or Not Working Issue

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How to Fix Pogo Games Not Loading or Not Working Issue

Pogo has one of the best collections of games and it is an ultimate platform for kids, youngsters, professionals and even old aged people. With the advancement in the technology and existence of internet, games on Pogo have become an exciting hobby and they even helps to utilize your time if we ignore Pogo Games Not Loading problem. These games are gaining popularity all around the world. In any case, to appreciate to its fullest, Pogo games offer its users an extraordinary alternative for joining up an account.

As Pogo games offer a lot, you may totally feel happy to reliably connect with your most favorite games. But once you got to know that the game play gets distracted while loading the game in your browser then it gives you the most frustrating moment. Sometimes Pogo Games Not Working issue may arise very frequently. The website offers you the games free of cost as it earns by the advertisement given by it on the website.

Top Reason Pogo Games Wont Load

Pogo Games Not Loading is one of the major issues that Pogo users face several times. There are multiple reasons for this because of the browser or because of JAVA or Adobe Flash on which the game runs. Another reason is browser might not be compatible with the websites. Here we will look into these problems one by one.

Easy Steps to Fix Club Pogo Games Not Loading Problem

Pogo Games Not Loading

Refresh or Restart the System

This is one the simplest method of solving the Pogo Games Not Loading issues. When your try to open a game and nothing works then try to reload the web page while pressing the shift key on your keyboard. This way your web browser won’t look for cache but load the fresh web page from Pogo Support web servers. You can also reboot your system and see if that helps you to solve the issue.

Clear Browser’s Cache

Initially, clear the cache files of your browser and then restart the browser by terminating it completely and then re-launch it from the icon or menu. The following significant task for you is that, you have decided if the game you play is a Flash type game or a Java type game. You can get a clear idea by referring the page of Badge Hungry’s Ranks and Badges. And afterward clear the cache files.

  • Clear Cache for Java Games.
  • Clear Cache for Flash Games.

Try Different Browser

In case all the above method does not work to fix Pogo Games Not Working problem then you are only left with no choice expect changing your browser with a different one. Even you are using any browser just try to play your Pogo games on a different browser.

Update JAVA

There is chance that there are no issues in the web browser you are using but the there is an error in the JAVA program which you are using and because of that Pogo Games Wont Load on your computer. To update the new version of JAVA follow the steps.

  • Hold windows key+R, a dialogue box will appear.
  • Write appwiz.cpl.
  • Now Uninstall old version of JAVA and download the latest version from
  • Install the JAVA software.
  • To enable new JAVA restart browser.

Screen Resolution

This error is not as common among Pogo users as the of the computer monitors these days are of very high resolutions but still some of the users might experience this problem. It is suggested to set the screen resolution to either 1024*768 or 1152*652 to have best experience while playing Pogo games.


These are the main reasons that occurs why Pogo games not loading. Now you have detailed knowledge of the problems as well as their solutions. Now go to and play your favorite game and if the loading issue occurs try these methods to resolve it or get help of Pogo.

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