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Pogo has one of the best collections of online games and it is an ultimate platform for kids, youngsters, professionals and even old aged people. With the advancement in the technology and existence of internet, online games on Pogo have become an exciting hobby and they even helps to utilize your free time if we ignore Pogo Games Not Loading problem. Pogo games are gaining huge popularity all around the world. With so many good things to offer, there is definitely a reason for everyone to join club Pogo.

As Pogo games offer a lot, you may feel very happy while playing your most favorite games online. But if we tell you that Pogo does have issues and your enjoyment might turn into frustration when you will face loading issues in your web browser. Sometimes you might face Pogo Games Not Working issue on your computer when your try to play a Pogo game online. This mostly happen on old computers that has not been update for a long time.

Fix Pogo Games Not Loading

Top Reason Why Pogo Games Won't Load

Pogo Games Not Loading is one of the major issues that Pogo users face several times. There are multiple reasons for this because of the browser or because of JAVA or Adobe Flash on which the game runs. Another reason is browser might not be compatible with the pogo games. Here are the things that you need to look for if Pogo Games Won't Load on your computer.

Steps To Fix Pogo Games Not Loading Problem

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Clear browser's cache and history
  3. Try different web browser
  4. Update Java and Flash Player
  5. Change screen resolution
  6. Disable Pop-Up Blocker

Above mentioned six steps are crucial to resolve this issue and now we will let you know how can you check these errors one by one and fix them efficiently.

Restart Your Computer

This is one the simplest method to solve the Pogo Games Not Loading issues. When your try to open a Pogo game and nothing works then try to reload the web page while pressing the shift key on your keyboard. This way your web browser won’t look for cache but load the fresh web page from Pogo Support web servers. You can also reboot your system and see if that helps you to solve the issue.

Fix Pogo Games Not Loading

Clear Browser’s Cache and History

Initially, clear the cache files of your browser and then restart the browser. Sometimes outdated cache files stored on your computer might cause Pogo Games Not Loading problem. Another thing you need to check is if the Pogo game you are trying to load is based on Flash or Java. You might also need to clear cache files for both of these platform as they play crucial role in your gaming experience.

Try Different Web Browser

In case all the above method does not work to fix Pogo Games Not Working problem then you are only left with one choice that is to change your web browser. There are fair chances that the current web browser you are using might not be compatible with the Pogo game so changing it might solve the problem. 

Update JAVA and Flash Player

It is also possible that there are no issues in the web browser you are using but the there is an error in the JAVA or Flash program which you are using and because of that Pogo Games Wont Load on your computer. You need to update both of these programs one by one then restart your computer and see if the issues has been resolved. If update does not work, consider re-installing both Java and Flash player on your computer.

Change Screen Resolution

This error is not so common among Pogo users as computer monitors these days supports very high resolutions but still some of the Pogo users might experience this problem. It is suggested to set the screen resolution to either 1024*768 or 1152*652 to have best experience while playing Pogo games. If you are not sure, check the technical requirements of the Pogo game that you are trying to play.

Disable Pop-Up Blocker

There are many Pogo games that loads in a Pop-Up window. If Pop-Ups are disabled on your computer Pogo Game Won't Load and you won't be able to play that game. Thus if you are facing Pogo Games Not Loading issue continuously, disable pop up blocker and try again. Hopefully this will solve your problem and you will be able to enjoy your Pogo games again.

These are the main reasons behind Pogo Games Not Loading issue. Now you have detailed knowledge of the problems as well as their solutions. So go to Pogo website and enjoy your favorite game. If you face this issue, you can definitely solve it on your own.

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Liliana Bordos-Stiles

For the past 24 hours, games are not loading. Any of them!

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wanda daniels

pogo not loading