How To Fix Pogo Gems Are Missing Problem Within Minutes

Pogo Games, one of best ways to get fun while being at home or on-the-go. The good thing about online game is this it can be played at any time of the day to earn Pogo Gems.  All sorts of persons can enjoy their time and game but what it Pogo Gems are missing from your account? Pogo comes with plethora of options to be played  like  bingo, casino, shooting, car racing, word games, card games, sports game, solitaire games, hidden games,  shooting games, bowling games, poker games , match-3 games and the list goes on.

Despite of having all sorts of features, it does come with some issue which must be resolved to make the path so clean. Pogo players get irritated when they find that Pogo Gems are missing from their club Pogo account. One of the most talked about issue is its Pogo Gems which are not showing in my Pogo account at all. Pogo Gems are online award which is won by the players after winning Pogo. Pogo Gems can be used next time while playing online game if it is added to your account. If, it does not show into its account, thus you are unable to use gems in further game.

What Are Pogo Gems?

A Pogo Gems are the result or award after winning an online game in the form of point which can be used in next game if player wants. With the help of Gems which are in many forms like token, points, and so on. It gives an opportunity to avail additional feature on this website.  By way of winning Pogo Gems, this game becomes more entertaining and interesting. In case if Pogo Gems are missing from the account, it means there is a technical error that needs to be sorted out by Pogo Support team. but there are few things that you can do from side as well.

Pogo Gems Are Missing

Why Pogo Gems Go Missing?

Pogo players are always having issue regarding Gems, although after winning Pogo Games, and scoring points, their Pogo Gems are not showing in their account, it means there is something like technical issue which must be sorted out.  

  • This most common problem faced by Pogo players globally can be resolved if survey is done by way of putting all the steps in an organized way.
  • Some of the Pogo players say that as soon as you complete the survey, Gems are added to their account  or sometimes it takes a couple of hour.
  • So, do not miss any steps of the survey.

How To Find Missing Pogo Gems?

There are many sorts of problem in terms of Pogo Gems. Sometime, Pogo players make complain that they had Pogo Gems but at the moment they are missing, if your Pogo Gems are missing too, just go prescribed step to resolve your issue.

  • Unlock your Pogo account.
  • Tap on my account.
  • Write your password in the necessary field.
  • Tap on billing and payment link.
  • Move to gems purchasing.
  • Connect to other resources.
  • Tap on view your gems transaction record and go all the transaction done via your account. 

This non-appearance of Pogo Gems in account is a technical glitch. In this article, two ways have been explained to overcome Pogo Gems are missing problem. If you are unable to solve this problem by way following all these steps, there is no need to press the panic button.

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