How To Give Club Pogo Guest Pass To Your Friends Easily

Online pogo games are an ideal platform for online game lovers in this digital era. Online game lovers can find oodles of the games according to their interest on the pogo site. Moreover, for the game which you want to play, you can browse through the list on Pogo online games can be played online and offline as well. The new and free members can make the most of club pogo for the begging of five days without any prior commitments.  In order to play pogo free games, you can register yourself and ask for other pogo players who are having club pogo membership to give you a club pogo guest pass guide to enjoy games.

There is a process to send a club pogo guest pass guide to those who are new members and want to play pogo games. Sometimes, some of the pogo players find it hard to send a pogo pass.  The following steps are going to help you in accomplishing this task.

Steps To Send Club Pogo Guest Pass Guide:

• The first thing which you must do in order to send the pass guide is sign in to your pogo account. 

• Now, on the top right corner of the homepage of pogo, there is an avatar, and click on it.

• Move on to select “my account” from the menu.

• Now, click on “friends” in the top left corner. 

• As you reach on “my friend page”, now click on the “give a guest pass”.

• Now, it will ask you to fill the form with personal details like your name, your friend’s email address or the pogo screen name, and message. All the details must be spelled correctly.

• Now, you must move on to click on “add a friend “in order to send passes to more than one pogo players. 

• Lastly, click on “send guest pass”

If You Send Club Pogo Guest Pass, And Your Friend Does Not Receive It.

If your friend does not receive a pogo pass, there are a few reasons one of the main reasons is your friend might have used a pogo passed, and he wants to get one more. One pogo account can get only one free guest pass.  The other reason is to make a spelling mistake which can block your club pogo guest pass.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Passes To Send To Your Friend

Club pogo members get new passes every month.

The Mode Of Using A Guest Pass

As soon as you get the guest pass email from your relative or friend. The first step you need to do is to click on the green” get your free guest pass” button, therefore you will get a guest pass with ease.

You want to receive club pogo guest passes, you can read this article carefully, and it will help you. If you are unable to do it, you can have access to the experts who are available and can give Pogo Support remotely. They can resolve your issue within a couple of minutes.

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