Learn How To Add And Remove A New Friend To Pogo List

Playing game is an inherent quality of human beings that develops the quality of leadership as well. In order to get all-round development of personality which is only possible, if someone participates in the game and the games are popular in all the corner of the world. If we go back to the history of human beings in terms of playing games, they had many sorts of games that used to be played during several dynasties to show their machismo. In those days, only off-line games used to be played, because the internet was not available. In the 21st century, both online and offline games are prevalent in full swing. Of late, online games are being so much popular among their players. The best part of online games is that they can be played while being at home, and its players created virtual bonhomie with those players who are thousands of kilometers from you. 

Online games give an opportunity to its players to play games going by their choice in terms of a number of players.  If they want to play solo, duet, triplet, quadruplet, and multi-players, it is up to them.  Pogo games are one of the most renowned online platforms which allows its players to Add and remove a new friend.  If you want to add a new friend to the list of the pogo friends, you can add it but you need to follow a step that will help you to do so.  The core purpose of publishing this article is to provide completed information to the readers in reference to add and remove a new friend to the pogo games, and they can also accumulate the information on Pogo Customer Support Number in detail.

How To Add A New Friend To Pogo Games?

With a view to adding new friends to the pogo games, pogo players have to go through a process to complete, thus they can introduce a new friend on this platform and are provided below.

• To begin with, you must advise clicking on “friends” which is available under the Pogo menu.

• In the next step, you must go to my friend page.

• Now, it has been easy to add a new friend to your friend lists.

• After that, you will find a “add a friend field” in which you enter your pogo screen name. 

• Finally, you will click on “add to my friend list”

• Thus, done it successfully.            

How To Remove A Friend To Pogo List?

As we know that pogo is an online platform sometimes its players don’t maintain their decorum and start creating a nuisance and use derogatory words with their friends if they are unable to compete with their partners. At this point in time, if they do not get along well with you and you want to get good riddance with them. It is advisable that you can block them.  If you are having a free hand to remove them, you must abide by the process which is given below.

• To begin with clicking on the “options” link

• You must select the user name on the same line.

• And then select the remove from list.  

In order to see a list of pogo players who added you to the friend lists, you must scroll down you’re my friend page and then click players that has been added me list.

Add and remove a new friend to the pogo list is an outstanding feature of pogo games that enables its players to add and remove whenever they want if their playing behavior is not good. If you want to get more information, you can get customer support remotely.

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